Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's hump day - I wouldn't expect anything more of my Wednesday at school.

I had a new school ID delivered to my classroom during 4th period today.  We had a mandatory staff meeting yesterday afternoon, where we learned that unless you got a new badge THIS school year you would need to get a new one.  I, of course, stopped listening to details at that point since I got a new one - with my NEW LAST NAME!   :)  So I was surprised to have another one brought to me.  And much to my dismay - it has last year's picture (gross!!) and MY MAIDEN NAME!  Irritating!  I haven't had a chance to rush into the office complaining... but that's coming.  I'm pretty sure it's ok to refuse to wear an ID that doesn't identify you properly, right?!?

Left: new ID, wrong name - Right: old new ID, correct name.  And I just plain like the picture better from this year.

OK, that's it - no more ranting.

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