Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I promised to catch up... so here's catch up post #1.

A few weekends ago I drove up to Durant, OK with my parents for a concert.  We l.o.v.e country music in my family... so when my dad heard commercials for "The Front Men" he had to buy us tickets.  We stayed at the Choctaw Casino and Resort - and it was fantastic.

We arrived at the casino early enough to do a little gambling... not much, I'm a teacher/coach - I absolutely do not have money to lose.  :)  haha.  The casino was FUN!  I haven't been to anyplace like this before - I didn't know what to expect.  There weren't nearly as many people as I expected, and the slot machines (yes, I played penny slots all weekend, go big or go home, right?) were SO confusing!  Half the time I didn't know why I was winning... I just knew that when the machine dinged - I won, and when the machine didn't ding - I lost.  Either way, it was fun... and I came out a whopping $7 ahead.  I think professional gambling is definitely part of my future... or not.

The concert started at 8 - my parents like to be early, everywhere, every time - so naturally, we were early - which left us a little time to take pictures.  

(our seats)
(my beautiful mom and me)

Dad was the photographer for most of the concert - so he didn't make the pre-concert pictures.  After sitting in the freezing event center for what seems liked hours (much closer to 20 minutes) the lights dimmed and our three front men took the stage.  :)  I was amazed at their voices, they were incredible - it sounded just like the radio. 

The Front Men are the lead singers of 3 well known country bands - Alabama, Restless Heart, and Lonestar.  Alabama isn't together anymore simply because they chose as a group to retire and spend time with their families.  Restless Heart still records and still tours.  Lonestar still records, but not with their original lead singer, he split to work on a solo career and spend more time at home.

The Front Men

Randy Owen - Alabama

Larry Stewart - Restless Heart

Richie McDonald - Lonestar

The concert was really great.  I knew the words to every song they played - and I mean every word to every song.  :)  The show wasn't nearly long enough for us, despite their 3 encores... we just couldn't get enough.

Hopefully we'll have the chance to head back to OK for another concert too.  I'm thinking this one - after my hubby wins the Texas 3A Division 2 State Football Championship.  :)  Go Lions!!

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