Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumping Carving Isn't Just for Kids

I knew going into marriage with mr. coach lang that he had NEVER carved a pumpkin before - I also knew that our first Halloween together would change all that.  :)

This past weekend we jetted (or just drove really) to Edom, Texas where my parents own a cute little lake house.  We both had a weekend off, which hasn't happened since early, early August - and hopefully won't happen again until late December; so we took the opportunity to get a away and just relax.  It was glorious!
This is an old picture - that tree on the right, GONE!

the view from our dock never gets old!

Besides the sleeping, relaxing, and watching movies... we also had a little surprise for mr. coach lang... pumpkin carving!  I'm not sure he was as excited as I was... but he was a great sport and we carved some pretty fantastic pumpkins.

digging in for the FIRST.TIME.EVER!

my turn... and yes, that's my tongue.  :)

super concentration - sharp knives, yikes

Mr. coach lang and I did the carving, but we had help.  
Gunner & Sony - they're hard to see, Sony is under the arm rest

the final products

And we wouldn't be Texans without a little Ranger shout out!!  ANTLERS!!

Basically, we had a great weekend.  It was so nice to have NOTHING to do - we don't get that much.  While we'd love to enjoy another relaxing weekend away together - we're more than happy to wait until December, so mr. coach lang and his football boys can bring home some rings - and another state championship.

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